was ist Qualität ?

'Extraordinary quality doesn't make good short term economic sense. When team members develop a cult of quality, they always turn out something that's better then what their market is asking for. They can do this, but only when protected from short-term economics. In the long run, this always pays off. People get high on quality and out-do themselves to protect it.

The cult of quality is what Ken Orr calls "the dirt in the oyster". It is a focal point for them to bind around.'

(Tom DeMarco & Timothy Lister - 'Peopleware - Productive Projects and Teams')


Problemursache & Lösung

'Die Grundursache eines jeden Problems ist der Schlüssel für eine nachhaltige Lösung'

(Taiichi Ohno 大野 耐 - 'Erfinder des Toyota-Produktionssystems')

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